Dr. Bobby L. Lovett is an award-winning author, historian, speaker and retired professor of Afro-American history. Dr. Lovett was a Senior Professor at Tennessee State University (TSU) for 30 years until his retirement in 2010. He also served as the Dean of the TSU College of Arts and Sciences for more than 10 of those years.


Kathy Lauder is a former researcher with the Tennessee State Library and Archives.
A native of Wilmington, Ohio, she taught high school English and dramatic arts for 30 years, then spent 10 years in Archival Technical Services at the TSLA. Her research on 19th century Tennessee African American legislators led to the creation of the TSLA Black History website: This Honorable Body.

Kathy still volunteers with TSLA.  She and her husband share a love of history, and are editors of the Nashville Historic Newsletter.


Linda T. Wynn has been with the Tennessee Historical Commission for almost 30 years. She earned her BS and MS degrees in History and a Masters degree in Public Administration from Tennessee State University. Since 1991, she has served as a faculty member of Fisk University's Department of History